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 The GREAT Gisborne Gazette is run by volunteers and there is always room for more generous people to assist with the production and distribution of the paper.

 DISTRIBUTION: More than 80 volunteers deliver the paper to the letterboxes of their neighbours in Gisborne, Macedon, Mount Macedon and New Gisborne each month. A typical delivery takes about half an hour.

If you would like to offer your services as a distributor, please contact the Distribution Co-ordinator, Richard Whiteley on 5428 1410   0439 800 430  or via

COUNTING:  8,500 copies of the Gazette are delivered by our printers to the GREAT Centre on the final Wednesday of each month (except December). A group of volunteers gathers there to count the papers into bundles and then they deliver the bundles to the distributors. This task takes about an hour.

If you would like to help in this role, please contact Richard Whiteley.

CUT & PASTE:  During school terms this task is handled by a group of students, on a rostered basis, from each of the schools that provide regular reports to the Gazette.

REPORTING:   There are a number of local groups and organisations that do not provide us with regular reports. If you are a member of such a group and would like to provide reports for it please contact Corinne Shaddock on 0409 422 492  or at  You will need to check with your committee first.

 We have several writers who produce monthly columns. If you have good writing skills you might like to suggest a column that you could share with the current writer or, perhaps, even propose a new column that the Gazette committee could consider.

EDITING: Again, if you have good English skills, you might like to offer to share the Editor’s role in preparing copy for publication. 

DESKTOP PUBLISHING AND DESIGN: The program used to computer-generate the paper is ‘Indesign’. If you are competent in using this program and would like to help, please contact Bryan Power.

ADVERTISEMENTS & SPONSORSHIPS: An opportunity exists to assist with administration, liaising with our advertisers and sponsors. Please contact  John Chambers  at or phone 0401 810 581

THE GREAT CENTRE: There are a number of other tasks such as reception, filing, indexing, topping up trays at the Gazette pick-up places in the town, etc that need to be done at the GREAT Centre which is open between 10.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Our current volunteers generally offer a two hour shift.



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