Circulation 8,500     

Size & Price Structure for Full Colour Advertising in the monthly

GREAT Gisborne Gazette


As the GREAT Gisborne Gazette is in its tenth year of production, we have made further GREAT changes to the size, quality and general appearance of this, our extremely successful local Community Newspaper that is now produced in full colour and distributed monthly (except in January) to homes in the southern part of the Macedon Ranges Shire and beyond. 

The monthly circulation of the Gazette is 8,500

All quoted prices commence in February 2017 and will remain valid to December 2017 inclusive and are per monthly issue 

Eating Out Pages 14 &15
8cm x 7cm for $65.00 plus GST $6.50 Total $71.50 17cm x 7cm for $138.00  plus GST $13.80 Total $151.80
8cm x 14cm for $130.00 plus GST $13.00 Total $143.00  
 Internal Pages (except 14 & 15)
8cm x 7cm for $65.00 plus GST $6.50 Total $71.50 17cm x 7cm for $138.00  plus GST $13.80 Total $151.80
8cm x 10cm for $92.00 plus GST $9.20 Total $101.20 25cm x 6cm for $175.00 plus GST $17.50 Total $192.50  for internal banner
12.5 cm x 10cm for $145.00 plus GST $14.50 Total $159.50 25cm x 7cm for $208.00 plus GST $20.80 Total $228.80  for internal banner       
  25cm x 10cm for $312.00 plus GST $31.20 Total $343.2000  for page 

Advertisement Basic Layout/Design

8cm x 7cm for $25.00 plus GST $2.50 Total $27.50 All other sizes for $35 plus GST 3.50 Total 38.50

Sponsorship of pages $660.00 plus GST $66.00 Total $726.00  per year

Sponsorship can be shared between several groups as with the Churches and Arts Pages


It is our policy to rotate the placement of advertisements from month to month.

As previously however, fixed placement of advertisements will incur a premium of $15.00 plus GST $1.50 Total $16.50  per month, i.e. on all pages.

 Please provide your new advertisements in the appropriate sizes in pdf format.

 The GREAT Gisborne Gazette team thanks our loyal advertisers for your wonderful support in the past and welcomes new advertisers. It is hoped that this current format of the GREAT Gisborne Gazette will continue to serve you well!

 The GREAT Gisborne Gazette Team also ask if you will please consider placing a minimum of three advertisements in the Gazette, but not necessarily on three consecutive months, to assist the work load of our volunteer team.

 Invoices will be emailed, delivered or posted out to all advertisers after your advertisement appears in the GREAT Gisborne Gazette and are payable within

7 days of receipt either by:-

     1.     Direct Deposit to Bendigo Bank BSB 633 000 Account Number 1518 28035

2.     Delivered to The GREAT Centre, 4/23 Hamilton Street Gisborne  or

3.     Posted to the GREAT Gisborne Gazette, P.O. Box 9, Gisborne 3437.

Please contact  John Chambers  at or phone 0401 810 581



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